A twelve hour online course or 16 hours in person course for school & nursery teachers, forest school leaders, nature kindergarten teachers, parents and other educators to learn how to engage children in all aspects of permaculture, learning from nature with a child-led approach. It can be led in person or online. Since April 2020 most of the courses have been held online, using a teleconference call, so it is as much like a face to face course as possible. 
To find out when the next course will run please see the following websites:

Permaculture children

Learning in nature

Roots n Permaculture (in person courses across Europe, Americas and Asia)

Permaculture is about working with nature, based on deep observation and understanding of the principles which underpin natural systems. Childhood is the ideal time to get to know nature, and how nature works, through play and experimentation.

On this course participants will:

  • Find out how permaculture ethics and principles can be applied to education, in how we speak, the activities we engage in and in the spaces we design.
  • Discover some great benefits of outdoor learning, including relevant research, and learn how to create session plans which engage the whole child: eyes, heart, hands and head, through active participation in a session learning about soil.
  • Look at different garden designs both in school and home gardens and get involved in a practical activity such as testing soil.
  • Learn about the different activities that we can do with children and, more importantly, think about how the way we approach the child can enable us to think of infinite possible activities.
  • Meet other like-minded people on the course

This training course is a product of the European ‘Children in Permaculture’ project in which best practice has been shared across the continent from Finland to Italy, Scotland to Romania. It is led by certified Children in Permaculture Trainers.

​“The future of our planet depends on a change of consciousness, in which the people and the resources of the natural world are no longer taken for granted and exploited without considering long term impacts. Supporting children from early childhood to develop a sensitive, compassionate and cooperative relationship with each other and the natural world is a crucial step in generating this new consciousness” (p. 1, The Children in Permaculture Manual; Alderslowe, Amus & Didi, 2018).

The courses are delivered with different prices for people in different financial circumstances, so please do get in touch with the organiser if finances are difficult for you. 

Typical times for the online course are 4 hours on three different days, these might be one day  per week, or 3 days all in the same week depending on the circumstances.

Typical timings for in person courses with Didi and Rakesh are two consecutive days 9am to 5pm (Europe, Asia, Americas) 


SEPTEMBER 2022 @ 19:00 – 21:00. ONLINE ** FULLY BOOKED**
JUNE 2022 @ 19:00 – 21:00 UK time. ONLINE ** FULLY BOOKED**
NOVEMBER 2021: 16.30-20-30 UK time ONLINE
OCTOBER 2021 : 16:30-20:30 Finnish time ONLINE
AUGUST 2021 16TH, 17TH, 19TH: 16:30-20:30 UK time ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
JULY 19TH, 20TH, 22ND 2021, 09:30-13:30 UK time ONLINE
APRIL 19TH & 26TH & MAY 3RD 2021, 09.30-13.30 UK time ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
FEBRUARY 22ND, 24TH, 26TH 2021 09.30-13.30 UK time ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
JANUARY 12TH, 14TH, 15TH 2021 @16:00-20:00 UK time. ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
NOVEMBER 20TH, 27TH & 4TH DEC 2020 09:30-13:30 UK time. ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
OCTOBER 19TH-22ND 2020 @ 16:00-20:00 UK time. ONLINE **FULLY BOOKED**
SEPTEMBER 21-23RD 2020 @ 09:30-13:30 UK time. ONLINE **SOLD OUT**
AUGUST 25 TO 27TH2020 @ 16:00-20:00 UK time. ONLINE **SOLD OUT**
JULY 22ND TO 24TH 2020 @ 08:30-12:30 UK time. ONLINE **SOLD OUT**
JUNE 14TH TO 16TH 2020 @ 16:00 – 20:00 UK time. ONLINE **SOLD OUT**
MAY 20TH TO 22ND 2020 @ 09:00 – 13:00 UK time. ONLINE **SOLD OUT**
APRIL 20TH TO 22ND 2020 @ 09:00 – 13:00 UK time. ONLINE